Technical Assistance and Helpdesk:

To ensure our customer satisfaction we have built powerfulgroupsofskilled engineers and technical staff.Ourtechnical assistance services most of our customers needs from hardware setup, network software, operating systems and the applications post implementation services.

Our 24 Hours * 7 Days helpdesk are grantees that our customer problems can be handled with quickest possible response time. Dedicated helpdesk support engineers receive customers calls and record it, deliver the call from the customer and return with solutions on time .

Our service department is always available to ensure providing best services. 


CIHOST adopts training for three different types of users:


These users represent managers and senior level employees who are capable of defining the business  requirements in their respected area of business.

End Users:

These users represent all types of business users who will be involved in entering data to the system and generating the necessary reports

IT Users: 

These users represent system administrators whose responsibilities are technical tasks such as installation, security maintenance, report customizations, etc.